How important is collecting likes on Facebook

The number of likes shows how popular your brand is on the social network. This is the opinion of most marketers. But are they so right? Let’s understand, because this topic needs confirmation — you need likes or they do not play any value for the development of your brand. If you need facebook likes by the way I can advise the site

Why is Facebook chosen for promotion

To determine the effectiveness of Facebook, we should refer to the following chart:


The graph shows that the traffic to this social network has increased more than twice.

But can it be considered effective for marketing? Let’s focus on a few points.

The idea is how high your site’s conversion rate is for Facebook specifically, not for all social media in General. If you compare it with other Facebook social networks, you can note that the network in question is significantly ahead of its competitors. It is on this indicator that many.

The main advantages of likes is that it is a free way to promote. The main significance of a group of subscribers in Facebook is not in the number of users, but in their activity.

3. Members of the subscription do not promise to place an order, but those people who put a like on your page do not guarantee their involvement from a commercial point of view. And don’t forget that if a person likes you, they actually viewed your page.

4. Getting a large number of customers by deleting a Facebook page

There was an example when the company EAT24 deleted its Facebook page and in a week they received more than 70 thousand new subscribers on the site. That is, if earlier users learned about the company’s news only in the social network, then after deleting the account, people began to look for other available ways to find out about the company, and doing it on the official site is much more effective, since there is a real opportunity to make an order.